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The Musical Ministries of Faith Immanuel Church strive to cultivate opportunities for community building in our church, in our community, and in the world.

Musical Ministries

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is composed of 15 singers from the congregation and performs music in different styles during services throughout the year. Rehearsals and fellowship are currently suspended due to the pandemic.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Director of Musical Ministries, Caleb Flick, with interest in participating in one of the following ensembles.

Bells of Faith

The Bells of Faith is composed of between eight and ten ringers, who ring on a four-octave sets of Mallmark Handbells, a three-octave set of Schulmerich Handbells, and a three-octave set of Mallmark Handchimes.

Bell Chior.jpg