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Mandala Worskshop

A mandala making workshop for more than 50 congregants and community was a spiritual midwinter tonic on Jan. 23, 2024, in the Nevada Room.


Organized by the Nurture committee and assisted by the Outreach committee, participants learned the culturally-rich ancient history of mandalas from presenters Kelly Wiant, a Presbyterian minister, and John Davis, an independent school art educator. In addition to instruction on how to creatively construct mandalas or color an existing design, cognitive and meditative benefits of creating this art was shared.


By candlelight and with recorded liturgical chants as well as homemade brownies and macadamian nut cookies, participants started on journeys to draw their own circles and add patterns and color. Many were personalized by storyline designs.


Written comments from attendees describing the mandala making session included:  amazing, awesome, calming, challenging, creative, educational, enjoyable, enlightening, focusing, fun, healing, informative, insightful, meditative, relaxing, super, welcoming and wonderful.

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